Board of Directors

Lana Whitlow: President

Chris Dazet:  Vice President; Liaison to the Tennis Professionals

Patti Todd:  Secretary

Pedro Docampo: Treasurer

Alvertha Penny:  Diversity & Inclusion

Carla Catalano:  Facebook

Cleburne Simon:  Tournament Committee Chairman

Bob Browning: Past President

Kim and Craig Gambino:  Social Leagues

Adult League Council

Celeste Bordelon
Michelle Brinz
Carla Catalano
Elizabeth Hamlin
BJ Johnson
Carolyn Kramer
Elizabeth LeGros
Susan Simoneaux
Amy Browne
Tony Paternostro

Grievance/ Appeals Committee*

Ricky Armentor
Bob Browning
Jessica Couret
Pedro Docampo
Barbara Fitz-Hugh
BJ Johnson
Sandy Owens
Gwen Pablovich
Bob Roth

*When needed, people other than those listed may be asked to serve on a Grievance and /or Grievance Appeal Committee.  If people other than those listed serve on such committee, parties will be notified in the “notification of grievance” email who those committee members are.  Committee members may be added or removed at anytime as needed.